Unbiased Netfirms reviews and secret revealed

This Netfirms review site is hosted. This review site is special and it has been hosted here with them for many years. This is our privately own website and it is fully unbiased. It includes server speed test, uptime, and user reviews. Throughout the years of reviews, we are testing their product and service, we can clearly see their advantages and disadvantages. All web hosting reviews written here are fully based on our years of research and testing. Other than that, we have secret discount link and discount coupon price awaits you too.


This web host company has been around for over 10 years, established since 1998 and powering over 1.2 millions websites world wide. In here, they are now offering three web hosting plans and each come with various amount of free domain names. Their customer base is very huge and this further proof their popularity.

Netfirms review on shared hosting services.

Their basic plan start from $3.49 is with 1 free domain and advantage plan start from $7.99 is with 2 free domains. Meanwhile the business plan start from $10.99 is with 5 free domains. Besides really affordable, they also have tailor made e-commerce hosting service that uses Shopsite site builder and currently offered at $12.99 a month.

  • Plus plan from $4.45/mo.
  • Advantage plan from $8.99/mo.
  • Business plan from $12.99/mo.

There are many things that draw users to them. This including unlimited domains hosting, unlimited storage and bandwidth etc. However, free advertising credits and multiple free domains are the things that attract many people the most to the shared hosting services. The business plan includes 5 free domains for example is really a great offer.

When you are using their shared services, the disk space that is allocated to you is not limited. This applies to all packages offered. This will help you to save money since you will not be required to pay more money to increase your disk space. You will be able to stick to the budget that you had initially set. Therefore, if you expecting to start website that will grow over time, you should choose them because you will not have to pay more as your website grows to cater for increased need for disk space.


All their shared hosting services are using the vDeck control panel, which is more user-friendly and easier to get started when compare to cPanel software. This vDeck is easy to use, simple to understand, error-free, and quick. All these are the advantages and we can see their benefits compare to cPanel. Furthermore, user can login to this control panel directly via Netfirms.com official homepage. There is no login page to remember, user can set their browser to remember the login name and password. This mean user can go to official page and go to their hosting account instantly, there is no complicated login. For user that demand better security, there is https secure login provided here, and the login information will be protected by their SSL connection.

If you are planning to host multiple websites, it can be very costly to pay for each domain name you need. However, when you get hosting services here, you will get one free domain when you sign up. That is not all; you will get multiple domains when you sign up for certain packages. Their cheapest plan, known as the Plus plan, comes with one free domain name. When you take the Advantage plan, you will get two free domain names. The free domain will help you to significantly cut the cost of hosting your websites.

For a small additional fee, you can prevent your personal information from showing up when people search for information about your domain name. Your private information will be protected and will not be available to anyone who does not have permission to see it. Private domain registration is a useful feature because it prevents spammers and other people who may want to steal your information from accessing it.

There is one major disadvantage of getting shared hosting services from them. This is the fact that you will have to pay a fee when you want to move your domain name to different services provider. Although they are not the only web host company that charges domain migrating fee, most companies that offer hosting services do not charge this fee. This fee is meant to discourage customers from switching to other web host companies. If you don’t think that you will be comfortable paying this fee, it is best to select another web hosting company.

Netfirms review on daily server backups.

Daily server backups help to keep you safe from accidental loss of data. Daily backups are very important for sites that are updated on a regular basis. If you do not update your site regularly with fresh content, this feature may not be very useful to you. As a website owner, you will have peace of mind knowing that your data is being backed up on a daily basis. Although the chances of losing your data is very low, it always wise to take precaution. It is nice to know that your data is safe no matter what happens.

Netfirms review on email management tools.

When you host your website here, you will have unlimited email addresses associated with your domain name. This is an important feature if you want each employee of your company to have an email address that is associated with the name of the company. It is easy to manage all the emails that are associated with a given domain name. It is also easy for each user to access his or her mailbox. All important email tools are also available. This includes tools like auto responders and mailing list. It is also easy to create email aliases if you want to. All these email management options are great for any website owner.

Netfirms review on free marketing extras.

You will get free advertising credits when you get into a this shared web hosting plan. You will get $100 on Google Adwords if you spend $25. You will also get $25 credit for advertising on Yahoo and $50 credit for advertising on Facebook. In addition, you will also get a free listing on yellow pages. This will greatly help you to be found by people searching for information related to your website.

Netfirms review on customer support quality.

When choosing top web hosting company, we always demand the highest level of customer support and provide the best after-sales service. For customer who is facing problems with their websites, customer support team can be reach via the following channels:

  • Online live chat support.
  • Email ticketing to support and billing department.
  • Phone call to support department.


Netfirms review on average user rating.

There are mix chatter when come to their service quality. Some say their service is bad and at the same time, some say their service is the best. When reviewing a company, we look into every details possible and try to evaluate everything from technical view and apply the necessary scientific measurement. We want to find out how good is this web host when being compare directly with other top web hosts.


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Netfirms Uptime and Speed Test (Live & Hosted)

Netfirms uptime and downtime is tracked here. In this hosted review site, we have monitored website uptime for many years and all our statistic rating are posted here. For us, we are choosing their most basic shared hosting and monitored their service uptime throughout the years.

For our website, the uptime percentage is 99.808% and the downtime is kept at below 0.2%. Pass 3 years, there is 133 downtime events with 1395 minutes in total.


Netfirms speed test and performance is great. This WordPress blog is hosted with their basic shared hosting plan and used to host our review site, we are able to check their site performance and server response. Here is our latest website speed rating.

Our website with page size of 392 kilobytes require a loading time of 1.60 second to complete. And the best transfer rate is 240 KB/sec. In comparison, this speed is clearly faster compare to Hostgator speed, iPage speed and Bluehost speed.

speed test

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Prestashop Shopping Cart and Netfirms Business Hosting

PrestaShop is a free, secure and open source ecommerce platform with more than 275 features which are compatible with any web server. It is one of the best ecommerce development solutions, is very beneficial for the online business needs. Here are some of the basic features and advantages of Prestashop Development.

  • It is open source

PrestaShop is open source, so you can use, change and distribute in whatever way you want. If you are a company or an individual looking for an ecommerce platform then Prestashop is white label ecommerce platform for the online business.

  • It supports 275+ features

It is packed with over 275 Features which are increasing with every new version.

  • Prestashop Modules

Availability of 25,000+ modules supports functionalities starting from a new payment provider to display fancy slideshow of the product images. With so many features you might think things get complicated and slow but PrestaShop is lightweight.

  • Developer friendly

If you are developer and thinking to create a Prestashop store for your client or merchant, PrestaShop provides all necessary tools you need to get started.Prestashop Documentation covers everything with Developer and Designer Guide.

  • Community driven

As it is open-source and community driven, there are active Prestashop Forums available related to Prestashop Modules and Bug Tracking. This makes an easy to add new functionalities as well as resolving the bugs in the Prestashop Store.

  • Secure

Security is one of the biggest concern when we it comes to building an online store.It supports password and cookie encryption, SSL web hosting and PCI compliance.Prestashop has taken care of all necessary features for ecommerce site.

  • SEO friendly

Stores developed in Prestashop are search engine friendly because it provides friendly URL structure, custom Meta information, Google Sitemap, Canonical URLs and many more things. It reduces half of your burden when it comes to On-Page optimizations.

That is the reason why increase in the Prestashop users is way ahead than Magento and similar open source technologies. Considering above mentioned key factors, I would prefer Prestashop as compared to other ecommerce platforms.

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Oscommerce Shopping Cart and Netfirms Business Hosting

Online business has taken over the brick and mortar business in a big way and online entrepreneurs have to make their website and shopping cart exclusive to make money on it. Hundreds or thousands of dollars may be spent in hiring a company which will manage your website but it may not be to your satisfaction. Start-up businesses especially may not want to also spend that kind of money. OsCommerce is just the thing to help you launch or update your existing online business.

OsCommerce derives its concept from open source software which in effect means that anything which you may need (software, codes etc.) to start your own business website is shared on the osCommerce contributions site. The various codes which have been designed to conduct various businesses on websites are ‘contributed’ to the group so that they can be utilized by others who also use osCommerce on their sites. The codes can also be tweaked or changed ever so slightly as to suit individual needs. Using a set code means that the client cannot alter that code which is also being used by a million others. OsCommerce contributions lets the clients alter the developed code to meet their individual requirements and this in fact, leads to the existing code evolving and developing more.

This software is easy to understand, is versatile and flexible and has become the most popular open source scripting language on the web. It is the shopping cart language of choice and has a dynamic syntax. ASP is a close competitor but it loses out on the factor that it can be used only by Microsoft servers. But, php shopping cart software increases the chances of finding affordable hosting as it is supported by the majority of the servers. For security, compatibility and affordability, php software is the quality shopping cart choice of most osCommerce sites.

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Opencart Shopping Cart and Netfirms Business Hosting

A large number of small businesses are starting to realize the importance of venturing into the ecommerce game. With the rapid growth of online shoppers, if your business is not offering its products online, then you are missing out on large sales potential. While you may be relying on a WordPress Developer India up until this point, you need to start looking at a large range of shopping cart systems in the market that will help you venture into the ecommerce game. While some will have their own set of limitations, there is a myriad of options to choose from.

In the recent times, the Opencart ecommerce development platform has gained significant attention. Developing with Opencart Small businesses around the world simply love relying on the Opencart platform for their ecommerce needs. This platform was launched as an open-source shopping cart platform and was quickly adopted by thousands of shops on the internet due to its adaptability. The templates are extremely easy to create, allowing Opencart ecommerce development experts to skin the platform in such a way that it appropriately fits your branding objective. It is possible for a website owner to get their Opencart shop to look just the way they want it to, with the added benefit of future adaption to meet customer needs.

  • Functional adaptability with Opencart

Opencart does not only focus on aesthetic adaptability but it is also very flexible with respect to its functional features. Irrespective of the levels of complications your product poses, Opencart can help you fit in.Managing your Online ShopIn addition to design and functional development, Opencart also comes with a great range of management tools as well as the flexibility to create more. This shopping cart platform allows you easily feed your products directly into the Amazon or eBay store. It also allows you to track your customers through the checkout page and get in touch with those who abandon the cart before completing the transaction. With a ton of flexibility offered by the Opencart with respect to shopping cart management, it is possible for developers to create a highly effective online sales tool for your business.

  • Friendly for all pockets

This platform allows Opencart ecommerce development service providers to meet all kinds of budgetary needs of their clients. If your business wants to use only minimally customized templates, you can easily do so and keep the costs down. This means that you will be able to use your logo and preferred color scheme but still use the default Opencart layout. If your budget is slightly higher, you can easily take benefit of the customized template which takes your online store to new heights with respect to professionalism and appeal. Small businesses who are serious about achieving consistent growth levels online, find this additional investment quite fruitful. If budgets are just not a constraint, you can also invest in product page customization and the use of advanced management and administration tools. This helps in transforming your basic store into something that is a lot more professional looking and customized to the type of product you are selling.

Furthermore, Opecart Development also allows comprehensive marketing customization from the perspective of SEO. With such exciting and easy to use tools you can start getting noticed almost as soon as you have ventured into the exciting world of e-commerce.

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Magento Shopping Cart and Netfirms Business Hosting

Realizing such popularity of ecommerce websites, a lot of businesses have migrated to developing ecommerce websites. Though, there are various open-source ecommerce platforms out there in the market segment.

Magento is still the most favored one among online businesses. Such popularity of Magento can be attributed to its rich-set of features and built-in functionalities. There are also several other key aspects that makes Magento Ecommerce Development a productive choice for businesses, let’s take a look:

  • Alleviate site management

The best thing about Magento is that it can handle multiple web stores and operate on multiple ecommerce websites, just with the help of a single admin panel. So, this gives online businesses the advantage to manage their business sales and countless customers using a single database. This isn’t the end! Ecommerce stores or sites built in Magento platform comes with inbuilt features like addition of products, product browsing, multi-language and multi-currency support, and much more.

  • User friendly platform

Magento is a great online platform that helps to showcase your products along with product details in an organized and effective way. This ensures in rendering your customers with a great shopping experience. Any person visiting your Magento powered site can view products in a better manner with zoom-in capability, view multiple images of a product in a single page, can read customer reviews etc. All these features make Magento a user-friendly ecommerce platform.

  • Search engine optimization

Do you have a beautifully designed web store, but aren’t getting good traffic to your store? It means your site isn’t search engine optimized. Remember, if your site isn’t attracting visitors simply means it isn’t ranking anywhere on the search engines, means low ROI. This could make your online business doom to failure! But you mustn’t worry as search engines love Magento. This is because it adds tags, product descriptions, keywords, clean URLs etc. to your site and comes with various powerful tools like Up-Sells and Cross-Sells two great tactics that encourage people to buy more products. And thus, helps in improved revenue generation.

  • Scalability and flexibility

Magento platform offers flexibility and scalability and thus, it can be used to customize an ecommerce store or site based on this platform. In simple words, whether you own a small business or a large organization with Magento you can easily adapt your site in sync with your business requirements – be it simple or complex. You can even hire Magento Developers to take privilege of more customization services.There are different resources available to procure Magento development services, such as a freelancer, professional Magento developer and a software development company. But if you own a small or medium size business, it is advisable that you must Outsource Magento Development. This is because outsourcing companies often charge less development cost compared to hiring some full-time developer or development company.

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