Unbiased Netfirms reviews and secret revealed

This Netfirms review site is hosted. This review site is special and it has been hosted here with them for many years. This is our privately own website and it is fully unbiased. It includes server speed test, uptime, and user reviews. Throughout the years of reviews, we are testing their product and service, we can clearly see their advantages and disadvantages. All web hosting reviews written here are fully based on our years of research and testing. Other than that, we have secret discount link and discount coupon price awaits you too.


This web host company has been around for over 10 years, established since 1998 and powering over 1.2 millions websites world wide. In here, they are now offering three web hosting plans and each come with various amount of free domain names. Their customer base is very huge and this further proof their popularity.

Netfirms review on shared hosting services. Their basic plan start from $3.49 is with 1 free domain and advantage plan start from $7.99 is with 2 free domains. Meanwhile the business plan start from $10.99 is with 5 free domains. Besides really affordable, they also have tailor made e-commerce hosting service that uses Shopsite site builder and currently offered at $12.99 a month.

  • Plus plan from $4.45/mo.
  • Advantage plan from $8.99/mo.
  • Business plan from $12.99/mo.

There are many things that draw users to them. This including unlimited domains hosting, unlimited storage and bandwidth etc. However, free advertising credits and multiple free domains are the things that attract many people the most to the shared hosting services. The business plan includes 5 free domains for example is really a great offer.

When you are using their shared services, the disk space that is allocated to you is not limited. This applies to all packages offered. This will help you to save money since you will not be required to pay more money to increase your disk space. You will be able to stick to the budget that you had initially set. Therefore, if you expecting to start website that will grow over time, you should choose them because you will not have to pay more as your website grows to cater for increased need for disk space.


Netfirms review on control panel and software. All their shared hosting services are using the vDeck control panel, which is more user-friendly and easier to get started when compare to cPanel software. This vDeck is easy to use, simple to understand, error-free, and quick. All these are the advantages and we can see their benefits compare to cPanel. Furthermore, user can login to this control panel directly via Netfirms.com official homepage. There is no login page to remember, user can set their browser to remember the login name and password. This mean user can go to official page and go to their hosting account instantly, there is no complicated login. For user that demand better security, there is https secure login provided here, and the login information will be protected by their SSL connection.

Netfirms review on multiple domains hosting. If you are planning to host multiple websites, it can be very costly to pay for each domain name you need. However, when you get hosting services here, you will get one free domain when you sign up. That is not all; you will get multiple domains when you sign up for certain packages. Their cheapest plan, known as the Plus plan, comes with one free domain name. When you take the Advantage plan, you will get two free domain names. The free domain will help you to significantly cut the cost of hosting your websites.

For a small additional fee, you can prevent your personal information from showing up when people search for information about your domain name. Your private information will be protected and will not be available to anyone who does not have permission to see it. Private domain registration is a useful feature because it prevents spammers and other people who may want to steal your information from accessing it.

There is one major disadvantage of getting shared hosting services from them. This is the fact that you will have to pay a fee when you want to move your domain name to different services provider. Although they are not the only web host company that charges domain migrating fee, most companies that offer hosting services do not charge this fee. This fee is meant to discourage customers from switching to other web host companies. If you don’t think that you will be comfortable paying this fee, it is best to select another web hosting company.

Netfirms review on daily server backups. Daily server backups help to keep you safe from accidental loss of data. Daily backups are very important for sites that are updated on a regular basis. If you do not update your site regularly with fresh content, this feature may not be very useful to you. As a website owner, you will have peace of mind knowing that your data is being backed up on a daily basis. Although the chances of losing your data is very low, it always wise to take precaution. It is nice to know that your data is safe no matter what happens.

Netfirms review on email management tools. When you host your website here, you will have unlimited email addresses associated with your domain name. This is an important feature if you want each employee of your company to have an email address that is associated with the name of the company. It is easy to manage all the emails that are associated with a given domain name. It is also easy for each user to access his or her mailbox. All important email tools are also available. This includes tools like auto responders and mailing list. It is also easy to create email aliases if you want to. All these email management options are great for any website owner.

Netfirms review on free marketing extras. You will get free advertising credits when you get into a this shared web hosting plan. You will get $100 on Google Adwords if you spend $25. You will also get $25 credit for advertising on Yahoo and $50 credit for advertising on Facebook. In addition, you will also get a free listing on yellow pages. This will greatly help you to be found by people searching for information related to your website.

Netfirms review on customer support quality. When choosing top web hosting company, we always demand the highest level of customer support and provide the best after-sales service. For customer who is facing problems with their websites, customer support team can be reach via the following channels:

  • Online live chat support.
  • Email ticketing to support and billing department.
  • Phone call to support department.

Netfirms review on average user rating. There are mix chatter when come to their service quality. Some say their service is bad and at the same time, some say their service is the best. When reviewing a company, we look into every details possible and try to evaluate everything from technical view and apply the necessary scientific measurement. We want to find out how good is this web host when being compare directly with other top web hosts.


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Netfirms review and coupon by Jonathan Olson

Founded in 1998, Netfirms is the leading provider of web hosting solutions to small and medium-sized businesses all over the world. The company manages more than 1.2 million websites. Quality, trust and reliability have made them one of the biggest, most recommended hosting providers in the industry. If you’re thinking of hosting your website on the platform, this Netfirms review will walk you through all you needed to know about the company.


Netfirms’ hosting service includes three types of plans: Advantage, Plus and Business. Each plan is designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. On their website, the Plus plan is offered in between Advantage and Business, but it is the least capable, so be aware of this when comparing the three plans. Monthly bandwidth and unlimited disk space comes standard in each of its hosting plans.


With Netfirms, you pay $6.95 per month for the Netfirms Plus, $9.99 per month for the Netfirms Advantage and $14.99 per month for Netfirms Business. The Netfirms Plus plan comes with two free domain names, Netfirms Advantage plan is available with one, and you can claim five free domains on the Netfirms Business plan. New clients receive $50 Facebook Ads credit, $100 Google Adwords credit and $25 for Yahoo!/Bing advertising.


If you are looking for VPS hosting services, Netfirms has you covered. For the VPS plans, there are 3 different solutions: 512, 1024 and 2048 with the prices at $33 per month, $66 per month and $100 per month. In fact, Netfirms has partnered with Spry to offer world- class VPS services. Rather than developing the VPS services, the company has opted to sell VPS solutions from Spry.

Netfirms Coupons and Discounts

Netfirms prices are competitive, but they offer coupons and discounts regularly on various websites for their domain names. However there are no special offers available at this time. Feel free to follow their various social media accounts so you can be notified of upcoming coupons and discounts when they are available.

Customer Reviews

Their customer base is huge and this proves their popularity. There are a number of things that attract website owners to them including, unlimited storage, bandwidth, domain hosting, to name a few. The $50 Facebook Ads credit, $ 100 Google Adwords credit and $25 for Yahoo!/Bing advertising are the things that draw most people to their shared hosting services.


One of the benefits that Netfirms offer is unlimited bandwidth and disk space for all of their hosting plans. Therefore, if you are thinking of expanding your website in the future, choosing this provider is a smart move. They also offer multiple domains depending on your plan of choice. In addition to these, each domain comes with unlimited email addresses.

vDeck control panel

The manner in which you manage your website shouldn’t be the main focus of your business, particularly when you are starting out. Netfirms ensures that it isn’t. Their shared plans use vDeck control panel, which is user friendly compare to cPanel. The vDeck is quick, easy to use, error free and simple to understand. In addition to these, you can sign in to vDeck directly through Netfirms’ official website.

Uptime guarantee

Netfirms is among the few hosting providers that owns and manages its own data centre. Their Tier 1 facility includes approximately 40,000 servers, and they use a proprietary clustered hosting technology to protect against downtime. There’s not guarantee about uptime of their website, nor is there any uptime information in their ToS, so we will have to assume there’s currently no uptime guarantee.

Ecommerce features

Netfirms have a tailor made ecommerce hosting service that makes use of ShopSite builders. Each of the hosting plans comes with all the features you need to build a functional ecommerce website. The unlimited email addresses, disk space, bandwidth, $50 Facebook Ads credit, $100 Google Adwords credit and $25 for Yahoo!/Bing advertising are enough proof that it is perfect for building a functional ecommerce website.

Domain registration

A majority of providers offer you a free domain once you sign up with them, but with Netfirms, you get multiple domains depending on your plan of choice. Their cheapest plan, the Plus, comes with one free domain and their Advantage plan is available with two domains. Business plan, which is their most expensive plan, comes with five.


Netfirms has a good reputation for offering simple, quality and cost effective web hosting plans. Thus, if you are looking for a hosting company, choosing Netfirms can prove to be a wise decision.

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Netfirms review and coupon by Coby Justo

Looking for a great, ideal and perfect web hosting service? But still struggling with searching one? Well, then you are at the right place. Here I am going share my own personal honest review. Here I am going to share my personal experience I had with Netfirms. Even, here I will be trying to demonstrate different Netfirms reviews by their customers. They offer various products and services to its clients. Netfirms coupons will allow you to get a discount on its services and product. Overall, they are one of the best web hosting service companies available. Let’s take a sneak look on the offers and services available below.

Product And Services

Netfirms are actually very much specialized in web hosting service. They are providing the most affordable web hosting service. Getting a web hosting is too much fun with this. What they don’t have for their client? They are providing every possible service with their web hosting for their respected customers. The disc space for the customers are unlimited and monthly bandwidth is scalable. Also, they take care of some extra addditional offer exclusively available for their clients. If you take their web hosting package, then you will have free domain as well. Any website you want for your business you can make with them. Personal or business, any ready to go website is prepared for you already. All you need to do is to order their services. They also offer one click application. Additioanlly, they have an effective customer care service. All their agents are very efficient, skilled and specialized in their field. They offers a 24/7 customer care service. So, you can easily get in touch of them through direct chatting or email, phone. If you stuck with anything, just let them know, your problem will be fixed shortly.

Netfirms Discount, Special Offer and Free Credit

As said before, they are very specialized in web hosting service. So that they are offering unlimited clustered hosting and multi website hosting for clients. This is not the end. Also, they have such crazy services that will make you say “wow”. They provide the free 100$ bonus for your Google adwords! Yes, it’s true. They will give you a $100 google adword bonus whenever you will register with them. There are still more. Netfirms confirm that your business will boom. So that’s why they also will give you a free $50 credit for your yellowpages.com account. So that you can start with business smoothly with your newly created website. Also, you will get the free listing opportunity in Yahoo and Bing search engine. Additionally, there will be $25 credit for you.

Netfirms User Reviews

There are thousands of customers throughout the whole world. The service they are providing has already earned a huge appreciation. They have now a very good reputation and they reviews given by the customers are also saying the same. Most of the customers are just amazed with services they are providing. Most of the newbie customers ask a simple, common question that Netfirms are real for sure? And as the answer thousands of customers roar that just give it a try, you will see. At the first tie, it’s really hard to believe that they are really providing their services they enlisted in their website. Thousands of small business have started here, where are you waiting for?

E-Commerce Facilities

Willing to buy Netfirms products from home? Don’t worry. For clients like you, Netfirms have their e-commerce services. Just place your order let them inform what you need. Clear your payment using mastercard or Paypal easily. And get your product in your hands within two days maximum. What can be even better than these?

Netfirms Coupons

They are providing these unlimited awesome services. Even after that, they are offering coupon on their products for the clients. You can try your coupon and can get 5% to 50% off any product. It’s too much fun indeed.

They are undeniably one of the best web hosting companies. Their level dedication can beat any company out there. They have the best offers of the market and also have the most efficient customer care team. They are honest in their speeches and services, loyal to their customers. Netfirms reviews from their clients are interpreting the same things. Also, Netfirms coupons are there for your extra saving. Moreover, you will have a win-win project. So, what are you waiting for?

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Netfirms review and coupon by Tony C

A website for your own business has become very much important these days. You can create your own website or blog for your company with the help of a web hosting service. If you own a small or medium size business and looking for one of the best web hosting services then you can opt for the Netfirms hosting service. It is perfect for all small business owners. The features it offers with various packages are quite affordable and thus are best for small business owners. Read on the Netfirms hosting review to know more in details about it.

What Are The Features?

Netfirms hosting service has various features which are of high quality and also quite beneficial. All the features help this hosting service to stand out. You will get some great features like unlimited disk space as well as unlimited bandwidth which is common in all the plans offered by them. This is not all it also provides you with unlimited email addresses. But you will not get unlimited MySQL databases and unlimited domains with any of the plans. The email service is quite good with some great advanced features which are really beneficial for the business owners.

The control panel offered by this web hosting service is great and easy to use. The control panel is web based and you will be able to manage your website from anywhere using any connection. It is also provided with an integrated site builder that allows and helps you to design the site from the scratch. Along with this you will get additional unlimited mailboxes as well as spam filters to filter out all the junk mails from the inbox. It also provides all the site statistics and it is very much helpful to get an idea about the performance of the site and a full insight of it.

Online Help Centre

According to the Netfirms hosting review about the help centre, it provides a pretty decent help centre to support all types of queries and problems related to the web hosting service. It provides online help to all its customers and clients. The help centre is full of knowledgeable and experienced people who are always there to help you. You will also get a fully user guide from the help centre about how to use and control your account. You can also opt for the text and video tutorials which are offered by this web hosting service to help the beginners. This will help you to learn more about the hosting service and how to control your website and blog.

Plans Offered

It offers 3 packages or plans to the clients. These are – The Advantage Plan, The Plus Plan and The Business Plan. The free domains may vary from one package to another. But you will get unlimited disk space, monthly bandwidth as well as email services. Email services include unlimited email address, email forwarding, email catch all, spam filtering, virus scanning and custom MX records. Check the Netfirms hosting review for more details about the plans and features offered by individual plans. The most basic plan is the advantage plan and the professional one is the business plan. Both of them are tailor-made for the respective users.


  • Very easy to use and control without much issues. Thus it is perfect for the beginners and small business owners.
  • It provides a lot of unlimited services in some reasonable package prices.
  • The e-mail service is also great with some great options and functions.
  • Though easy to use, it helps to provide a great professional, attractive and modern looking website or blog for your business


  • The features and building tools are extremely basic which is just for the beginners and small business houses. It is not for the large business houses.


So, here is the Netfirms hosting review and it is clear that this web hosting service is typically for the small business owners who want to create a website or a blog for their business. If you are new to this then surely give it a try. This is quite good though the features are quire basic ones but they are still great for the start up. Even the unlimited features will help you a lot in the beginning.

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Netfirms review and coupon by Bob Collins

Overview of Netfirms 

Netfirms was launched as web hosting platform in 1998. It is a technology which is used by the professionals assisting businesses of all sizes, scientists, developers and designers. This user friendly technology is reliable and the best to provide web hosting solutions at reasonable cost. It is considered by the industry experts as one of the best web host providing useful hosting solutions and domain names.

Reliability and performance of Netfirms

Netfirms can be termed as the provider of most trusted and reliable performance based webhosting services. Though its guaranteed uptime is a bit down than others as its average uptime was recorded as 98.6% but still offers to provide the best and reliable hosting services to its customers through its technology based servers which keeps them safe and up as compared to other severs.

Plans of Netfirms 

Netfirms web hosting service offers 3 plans for its hosting services including advantage plan, plus plan and business plan. Scalable Bandwidth, Unlimited Disk space, Free Domains, Unlimited Multi-Website Hosting, Free 1 Click Apps, Drag and Drop Builder, Unlimited E-Mail Accounts and E-Commerce are some of the features provided in all of its plans.

Price Value of Netfirms 

Netfirms offers webhosting services at very reasonable price under all the plans but can also use Netfirms coupon to make them more affordable. They offer Advantage plan for two years at the monthly price of $8.00, Plus plan for $4.45 per month and Business plan for $12.99 per month. Netfirms offers various Netfirms coupons from time to time to attract new web hosting service users.

Control panel and other features of Netfirms

Netfirms offers free domain, 24/7 customer service, free e-commerce tools and control panel to the hosts of WordPress websites, blogs and ready-to-go-websites. Other features offered by it include Perl (CGI-BIN), PHP 4 / PHP 5, Custom Error Pages, Server Side, Python, Domain name & Databases, Gallery & Forums, E-Mail and CMS. It also supports Mantis & PHProjekt, phpList, osCommerce, ShopSite, Free One-Click Applications, Secure FTP Access and SSL Certificates along with Marketing Services, Scripting and Add-Ons. Netfirms also offers 30-day money-back guarantee to ensure the quality of its services.


After reading the Netfirms reviews provided in this write-up it can be easily concluded that Netfirms offers a wide range of webhosting solutions along with a number of other technology based facilities including e-mail hosting, domain name registration, e-marketing services and e-commerce web site hosting. The clients of the company include individuals, small and large businesses and small home offices who were searching for a reliable hosting service provider. Till date more than 1.2 million websites are hosted at this platform. So the high quality and affordable services provided by this webhosting company make it one of the best in today’s industry.

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